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Parental Abduction Recovery Services

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With Pegasus-PI, our Parental Child Abduction Recovery Services is a means in which we locate, secure and return all Parentally abducted or Kidnapped child or children to their country of origin.

Attempting to have your children or child returned through the foreign jurisdiction’s legal system, can be very costly and very time consuming.

Courts in foreign territories in most cases, will not recognise or observe the decisions made by courts or legal systems of the originating country.

Pegasus-PI have many years experience in International Parental Abductions.

Our cases have recovered parentally abducted children from many countries internationally. 

We have specialist consultants worldwide, all have  access to databases, technology and extensive search capabilities which allow us to trace abducting parents and abducted children quickly.


All Hague Convention cases can be resolved much quicker by engaging our services.  We have successfully reduced the average time of 6 months on many occasions down to a few weeks.

We will begin to look for your child or children almost immediately.

Court Orders are not required to search for, or locate your parentally abducted child or children. This often results in locating your child or children before you have the necessary court documents in place. One located, our recovery services are conducted in three phases:

Phase 1: Locate.

If the location of the child or children are not known, we will begin a full trace and locate the abducting parent and child or children. If their locations is known, we will proceed immediately to phase 2 the surveillance.

Phase 2: Covert Surveillance.

A complete covert surveillance operation is conducted, normally for a period of 10 to 14 days. If Court Orders are already in place we will then proceed to the recovery phase. If not, we will help in obtaining court orders.

Phase 3: Recovery Phase.

During the recovery phase, all necessary security procedures are put in place. This ensures the full safety of the child and parent. You are then returned to your country of origin with your child.

During all phases we will provide you with an experienced expert  who will work solely on your case only until completed.

Where a child’s safety is concerned, there is nothing a parent would not do, that is why, Pegasus-PI will at all times, guide you through each legal process.

When your child has been abducted you need to know that the experts searching are experienced and knowledgeable.

Pegasus-PI  are highly experienced in tracing and recovering children who are alienated from the left behind parent.

We understand the abductors mind, which enables us to think one step ahead which enables complete success in recovery operations.

If your child or children have been parentally abducted, contact Pegasus-PI today for urgent assistance.

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