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Pegasus-PI is a leading International Consultancy based in Europe that specialises in international parental abductions also referred to as International Parental Kidnapping.



Unfortunately, Parental Abductions are increasing each year. The worst times for a Parental Abduction to occur is during the summer school holidays and Christmas holidays.

Many case do go unreported as the left behind parents are unsure of what they can do. Other left behind parents engage lawyers who make promises that they can return the child or children to their habitual residence. But quite often fail to do so.

This can take years to achieve but mostly the left behind parent spends thousands on legal fees, travel to foreign courts and on foreign lawyers, only to fail to bring their child or children home.


Attempting to have your children or child returned through the foreign jurisdiction’s legal system, can be very costly and very time consuming.

Courts in foreign territories in most cases, will not recognise or observe the decisions made by courts or legal systems of the originating country.

A custody order originating in your country could be completely useless in a foreign country.

When face by this, you should remember that:

Every country is a separate individual sovereign nation.

Every country has its own jurisdiction within its own territory and borders and people within those borders.

Those Countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention on International Parental Abductions, agree that a child who has been abducted from one Convention country, and who has  been removed to another Convention country in contravention of the parent’s custody orders, should in fact be returned. When the child has been returned, the custody dispute should then be resolved in court in the country of origin.

The Hague Convention on International Parental Abductions, even in signatory countries are more often ignored, this creates a vast array of complex issues that need to be resolved.

Our Investigators are highly trained operatives in the various aspects of international parental abductions.

All of our specialists come from a variety of backgrounds from the Police to Ex Military; providing a broad range of surveillance and operational skills.

Each with a Unique knowledge of the Hague Convention and laws appertaining to Parental Abductions.

Parental Abductions

We provide a cost effective solution concerning all Parental Abductions, and do, what lawyers cannot or will not do.

Pegasus-PI's child abduction recovery services cover all parental abduction cases with:

  • Discretion
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Professional & Reliable Results
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • Rapid Deployment

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