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Infidelity Investigations

Covert Private Investigations

Adultery, cheating, infidelity, being unfaithful, having an affair, it is the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you during any relationship. Questioning whether your spouse is cheating on you or not is equally as painful.


We are very sympathetic at Pegasus-PI when investigating  a cheating spouse or partner, it is handled in a very delicate and sympathetic way. Prior to beginning an investigation, we will discuss with you in depth all of your suspicions.

Suspicions such as:

  • Has your partner changed the way they dress?
  • Do they leave the room to answer phone calls?
  • Are they emotionally distant or withdrawn?
  • Do you spend less time together?
  • Does your partner stay at work longer?
  • Is there a lack of intimacy between you?
  • Any unusual spending on a credit card?
  • Does your partner now go out alone?

Our infidelity investigation will reveal if your spouse or partner is being unfaithful. You deserve the peace of mind by obtaining the answers you need. We handle many infidelity investigations internationally each year.

When investigating infidelity cases, our private investigators will:

  • Follow your spouse or partner to any destination.
  • Obtain photographic, video and audio evidence.
  • Document the full activities during the period of covert surveillance.
  • Present our findings to you, our client.
  • Prepare a full report that will be acceptable for court.
  • Be available to appear as a witness if required.

There are no reasons why you should live with either suspicions or doubt. However hard it is to accept the truth, the truth  will help you to make an informed decision based on facts and not just either doubts or suspicions.

We will provide accurate information and evidence to give you complete peace of mind.

If you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating, contact Pegasus-PI today for a free no obligation discussion