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Honey Trap Investigations

Covert Private Investigations

Pegasus-PI,  have the means to confirm or deny if your partner is tempted to cheat or is cheating.

Our Honey Trap consultants are highly trained operatives who will test your partner or spouse and ascertain if they intend to be unfaithful or not.

Our honey trap investigations are used if you suspect your spouse or partner of being unfaithful and sometimes in support of our Infidelity Investigations if required.


We can arrange for one or more of our  honey trap investigators to approach your spouse or partner and strike up a conversation with them. Our operative would then obtain your partners or spouse’s mobile phone number in order to arrange a possible future date or meet.

We always use hidden body cams or hidden video recorders during all honey trap operations to confirm all evidence provided in a formal statement.

We have found that it is common for a spouse or partner who is cheating will exchange phone numbers and arrange a further meet. It is necessary for a second meet or date takes place, this will most certainly confirm your suspicions.

In all cases utilising our honey trap services, we handle each case with complete discretion and confidentiality. We are also very sympathetic to your situation and are easily approachable with a caring and understanding attitude.

If you need to confirm your suspicions, contact Pegasus-PI today.