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Corporate Services

Covert Private Investigations


At Pegasus-PI, we provide International Assistance in all Corporate Investigations.

Our Corporate Investigation Services are divided up into the following:

International Due Diligence.

Employee background checks.

Internal Theft.

Corporate Espionage.

Security Risk Management.

Our investigators can mitigate all risk factors when you are undertaking business with another company or individual.

We will confirm a companies standing, how they operate, provide key information on the directors, provide information on their financial standing, to make sure they pay their invoices on time.

Our services will provide information on potential new employees, is the CV correct, confirm their employment history, confirm any criminal convictions.

Internal theft problems. We can reduce the risk, identify the culprits, assist in prosecution, put in place new measures to prevent internal theft or counter corporate espionage.

Our security risk management package will ensure your risks are at a minimum. The measures will reduce the risk of fraud, theft, loss. Improve manned security, IT security and several other key factors that will help to protect your company reputation.

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