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Cold Case Investigations

Covert Private Investigations


A cold case investigation is a case where the Law Enforcement have turned up no leads to solve a case.

If you have not seen justice, our Private Investigators will bring new, accurate, reliable and effective methods to further investigate.

Our criminal psychologist investigator has many years  experience investigating unsolved cases, including kidnapping, murder victims and rape cases to name a few.

We have obtained the following during our cold case investigations.

  • Identified and followed new leads.
  • Developed new theories.
  • Interview old and new witnesses.
  • Developed new suspects.
  • Found new evidence.
  • Examined old DNA evidence.
  • Found faults with the original investigation.
  • Bought closure for the family.

Our goal with any cold case investigation is to bring justice for cold case victims.

Our cold case investigators, will use their experience, knowledge and skills to help solve any cold case we investigate, and will help to bring to justice those perpetrator(s) who have evade justice for so long.

We utilise the latest technology to assist in solving cold cases.

We will visit the crime scene and compare our findings to the original findings.

If required, we will arrange for new DNA samples to be taken and examined.

We will liaise with the local law enforcement or lawyers and provide all evidence required to secure a conviction.

Please bear in mind, that solving a cold case can often be a lengthy investigation.

But we will solve your case as soon as possible and will keep your interests in the case above all and treat each case with sympathy, discretion and complete confidentiality.

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