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Cohabitation Investigations

Covert Private Investigations

Cohabitation investigations are useful in proving if you have a divorce settlement in place whether your ex husband or wife is avoiding maintenance payments.

Pegasus-PI are experts in covert surveillance and utilise the latest technology to achieve results.

The gathering of evidence of cohabitation can be difficult and requires an expert professional surveillance operative to obtain the true facts. Making the decision to engage a professional surveillance team to undertake this kind of investigative work for you, may mean you no longer have to pay maintenance.


Prior to beginning this type of investigation, we will sit down and discuss with you in great detail your circumstances, and advise a number of ways that will solve your problem, and obtain the truth so you can make an informed decision on the way forward.

One way of obtaining evidence of cohabitation is through a period of surveillance. This is normally completed over a set period of time. During this surveillance, we will obtain evidence if there to prove cohabitation. This will include photographic, video and sometime audio evidence. At the end of the surveillance period a full report will be provided, which if necessary could be used in court.

Our investigator will work closely with you and talk  you through the process of evidence gathering during the cohabitation surveillance that we will undertake for you. Our investigator will treat your case discreetly and in full confidentiality.

cohabitaton surveillance

Hiring a private investigation agency can be a little nerve wracking, but our investigator will put you at ease from the very initial discussion.

The costs involved can vary depending on the location and circumstances. Rather than an hourly charge we normally set a fee within your budget. You can be assured that we will stick to your budget and not carry out additional work that has not been agreed in advance.

We operate internationally, and can deploy a team to uncover the truth with 24 hours of of contracts being agreed which also includes a full non disclosure document.

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